contactspecial II – La Palma 04./05. October 2014

Contact improvisation is based on the interaction of two bodies in movement. The rolling point of contact gives the impulse for the dynamic of the dance. Besides of learning steps and long movement sequences CI asks for the communication what is possible between me and my body, me and the partner(s) I’m dancing with, me and the space,…Listening to the ongoing rolling point of contact you will be surprised about the quality of dance what happens by itself. Following this idea you will find yourself in having joyful dances, dances which can integrate easyness, a lot of weight, acrobatics, smoothness and much more.

Learning CI means on the one hand learning about anatomy and physical principals like how to move up and down, taking weight … and on the other hand offering excercises to increase your senses and facilities of body perception, both will extend your movement radius, your ability to express yourself and taking you to a fulminant range of experience.

A class in falling, rolling, flying, melting, sliding and still even more.

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