focusing – Hildesheim 19./20. July 2014

In this workshop we will integrate the aspect of focusing to the interaction of two bodies in movement.
We will explore how the view can be used for dancing. To look in a special direction can be helpful to turn or understand the dynamic of a movement and/but it can be a handicap as well.
Also the question where you have your attention is changing your dance at the same time. How is the concentration to my bones affecting my dance? What is changing if my focus is on my dancing partner as a lover or if I think about a certain issue in my life? And what happens unconsciously?
A workshop to try and fail, play and enjoy.

saturday 12-18h, sunday 10-16h incl. break
financial exchange: 80-150€
Ort: Raum 116, HAWK Hohnsen, Hohnsen1, Hildesheim

info/registration: barbara pfundt;