Contact for enthusiasts, dancers, teachers, educators, artists and other movement enthusiasts.

This CI training contains the knowledge of 7 exceptionally experienced teachers and is therefore unique.
The complexity of the approaches enables a deeper understanding of CI and offers a comprehensive repertoire of individual dance movement development. This training gives you the opportunity to deepen the experience and knowledge of this art form and to get involved in its complexity.

A research, play, discovery with inspired and inspiring teachers

In these training various facets of Contact will provide. This involves techniques of carrying, lifting, flying as well as many others around exercises for increased body awareness, awareness of the partners, the movement in space, Anatomical Teaching.
The constant group allows participants to engage in intense encounter in dance and challenges to grow together.

What is the content of this training?

  • Anatomical body of knowledge and learning movement, axis syllabus, center of gravity, weight, intake and output, etc.   
  • CI principles: rolling, sliding, bridges, traps, fly
  • Sensitization and differentiation of body awareness, release, Feldenkrais, etc.
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Improvisation- and performance techniques
    and much much more

Besides the various impulses of the different teachers barbara will compaign the full training. This makes it possible that your individual questions, ideas, inspiration can be part of the training and that you can master you own interests.
Language english/german

A training certificate will be issued upon successful completion.

please notice: registration is necessary to 24. july 2019 !!!