jamfestival bremen 26.-30.12.2016

from I to we – centre and multidimensionality

As a dancer and human being we always move in an enviroment, there is the concentration on ourselves, our movement, our own internal universe and as well we are in reference with the space and others, more or less. Especially in contact we focus sometimes so much in our codancer that we lose the awareness for the space and other impulses around. A pair dialogue takes place which excludes the rest of the world.
Is it possible to integrate both and everything? Can I be present in myself, with the partner, the world at the same time? And if, how?
Can the concentration on ourselves help to perceive outsides or is it the other way round that being absorbed with someone/thing outside of me helps to discover myself…or?
A class full of tension and rest.

class during www.jamfestival-bremen.de